Mask Group 171

New York’s largest private dairy mill grows its business with a loadout bin system

Services Provided

  • Design-build General Contracting
  • Concept Design
  • Structural Engineering
  • Electrical/Automation Project Management
  • Site/Excavation/Concrete
  • Millwright Equipment and Steel Installation

We Increased the customers finished feed storage capabilities and streamlined the loadout process

This project started with a heavy design lift to determine the best site layout for allowing good traffic flow and easy access to the loadout system. The time it takes the customer to load a truck to send out was cut in half. This allows for more production in shorter amounts of time. The system utilizes essmueller conveyors to fill and unload a Chief-Lemanco bin cluster. The foundation incorporates a built in truck scale that allows the truck to weigh empty, get loaded, and weigh full without moving.


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